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Fred Bennett is a well-established and exclusive jewellery brand, focusing on men's style. We have been in stores across the UK since 2004, and pride ourselves in our high quality and modern pieces.

Our jewellery ranges in sterling silver, stainless steel, genuine leather and genuine recycled leather. We also have pieces ideal for engraving for an added personal touch.

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Mens jewellery safe for skin


The entire Fred Bennett collection is covered by AnchorCert Protect and certified safe for skin. This means that all jewellery within the collection can be worn, even if you have pre-existing skin or metal allergies.

AnchorCert Pro is a unique UKAS-accredited testing method that identifies and measures metallic elements that are that are often present in jewellery and most likely to cause a skin allergy reaction, with the ability to certify protection against all known metal allergens.


The bottom line is that our certification means that you can wear Fred Bennett jewellery with full confidence that it does not contain any of the elements that would cause any kind of allergic reaction or skin irritation.


We have introduced recycled leather, recycled silver and natural cork into our collections to be more environmentally conscious.

Our Reborn recycled leather section especially continues to grow with both recycled leather and cork styles in a selection of colours and finishes, these sustainable pieces are durable and high quality and the perfect addition to anyone's jewellery collection.

Our suppliers are also members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, meaning that all pieces are guaranteed to have been made using ethical and sustainable practices.

Sustainable mens jewellery
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